NAH SKWELL KOOL 9'5" / 10'0" / 10'5"

NAH SKWELL KOOL 9'5" / 10'0" / 10'5"


The Essence of Stand Up Paddling.

Since 2008, the NahSkwell has been passionate about delivering you the best stand up paddle boards ever.

From radical wave to fitness training and race, the complete line up matches all sizes and all levels no matter where you are ridding.

Discover for yourself the unique gliding and carving capabilities combined with high-end construction.


The Kool is the perfect first time hard board!

Check out the complete range to suit all expectations and abilities.

Call for more info on this board and all that goes with it!

  • The Kool is a Full Wood Sandwich Construction offering a great strength to weight ratio. Its scoop profile is of a regular curve that provides a sound and stable performance. The double concave bottom promotes glide and comfort, whilst the short vee at the tail makes this board highly manoeuvrable.


    Windsurfing Option on all 3 Sizes as Standard!

    Kool 9’5” - Offers a bias to the individual looking for some relaxing wave riding.

    Kool 10’ - The true all rounder.

    Kool 10’5” - Offers the larger or less confident individual the opportunity to enjoy without compromising feel and maneuverability. 


  • Board Volume Length Width Weight Fins
    KOOL 9'5 140l 290cm 78cm 10.6kg Single 23cm U.S.
    KOOL 10'0 170l 305cm 81cm 10.8kg Single 23cm U.S.
    KOOL 10'5 190l 320cm 83cm 11.3kg Single 23cm U.S.