NAH SKWELL GET UP  8'11" / 9'5"

NAH SKWELL GET UP 8'11" / 9'5"


The Essence of Stand Up Paddling.

Since 2008, the NahSkwell has been passionate about delivering you the best stand up paddle boards ever.

From radical wave to fitness training and race, the complete line up matches all sizes and all levels no matter where you are ridding.

Discover for yourself the unique gliding and carving capabilities combined with high-end construction.


The Get Up is the perfect first time in the surf board!

Check out the complete range to suit all expectations and abilities.

Call for more info on this board and all that goes with it!

  • NahSkwell understand just how important it is to have one great board, which you can rely on to help you make the most of whatever mother nature has been kind enough to provide for the hour or two you have available

    Maximising the grin factor is what the 'Get Up' Family has always been about, so after 4 years of experience further developing and refining shapes and constructions, NahSkwell have created 2 entirely new designs.


    9'5" - For larger riders or less experienced, in smaller waves to help you enjoy every moment! 


    8'11" - For lighter or more experienced in a wide range of conditions - A real smile machine! 



  • SHAPE: 
    A single and progressive concave along the full board guarantees stability when paddling and the 'catch' at take-off, while flattening the scoop in the middle has allowed boosting the acceleration and glide to create a sensationally versatile range for any Wave, in any Playground. 


    Board Volume Length Width Weight Fins
    GET UP 8'11" 135l 274cm 78cm? 9.7kg Tri-Fin FCS
    GET UP 9'5" 150l 289cm 81cm? 10.4kg Tri-Fin FCS


    OSS Full Wood Sandwich throughout the range 


    'Tri Fin' throughout the range with Centre Fin US box adjustable, while the Thrusters are 'Mini Tuttle' for rock solid performance. Each board is supplied with 3 x Glass fins, optimised to each model.


    Windsurfing Option on all Models as Standard.