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ActionVan has always had strong links with the mountain-biking, sailing and windsurfing scenes and through these connections sponsored the then UK No:1 Wave Sailor John Hibbard back in 2004/5/6.


John was one of the leading lights in bringing Stand Up PaddleBoarding to our shores and now oversees the RedPadleCo Brand worldwide.

Drew has been involved in SUP from it's infancy in the UK. He helped run Calshot Flyers, a RYA, Team 15 Windsurf Club based at Calshot Activities Centre for many years and as well as being a qualified Senior Windsurfing Instructor is also a BSUPA Level 2 PaddleBoard Instructor clocking up hundreds of “Ready to Ride” lesson.

With a huge surge in the sport of SUP, Drew, with the help of Rich Marsh, (then UK Brand Manager for Nah Skwell & X-Paddle and Director of BSUPA) pinpointed Eastlands Boat Yard based on the beautiful river Hamble in Hampshire early in 2012 as an ideal flat water spot to create a Club & School alongside the main business and in May 2012 moved the business in and got the ball rolling.

Recognized for the last 5 years as a BSUPA School and with wife Mary (Level 1 Instructor) as Club Secretary/Treasurer and ActionVan, Team Driver Karl Hobbs on board as Club Chairman and Level 2, BSUPA Instructor the only way is Up or Down the river…

2018 sees AV SUP spreading it’s wings moving and joining forces with the YMCA at Fairthorne Manor at the top of the river. This beautiful historic site allows us to offer SUP to a much wider community and age range as well as offering all of the YMCA benifits.

So why not get in touch and give Stand Up Paddle Boarding a go? 

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