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  • Will The T5/T6 Front Covers Fit A Pre-2010 Transporter?
    All of our covers are designed for 2010 VW Transporter Models onwards. They do however fit Pre-2010 but are a slightly looser fit.
  • Can I Wash My Seat Covers?
    Yes! We reccommend washing on a cool wash, low spin.
  • Are Headrests & Armrests Included?
    All Single Front Covers come with both headrests & armrests. All other covers come with their relevant headrests. PLEASE NOTE: The RIB has integral headrests so Does Not come with additional covers.
  • What Are The Poppers For On A T5 Kombi Single?
    These are a hangover from a previous design. Please discard the small package and using a blunt tool such as a ruler, tuck the material tabs with corisponding poppers down between the metal work and seat base to hold snugly in place.
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