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Did you know...We fit heating and insulation

tag_name When you first think about buying your ActionVan it’s possible you have visions of Hawaiian type scenery, SUP Board on the sand, a cold beer in hand, sitting next to your ActionVan, chatting with your mates about the fantastic day you’ve had on the water. The reality, if you live in the UK! Unfortunately far from this dream, even in the height of summer; seriously can you remember the last balmy evening we had?!  

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Did you know…We fit windows

tag_name When planning your ActionVan you need to consider how you are going to use your van, and fitting the right type of windows can make a real difference. If you have a kitchen/dining area and want to be able to sit in the van you should consider side windows on both sides to make the most of the natural light and ventilation. If on the other hand your van is more functional/bigger you should think about where the windows sit to allow the maximum use of space for board racks / bike fixings etc.  

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Based on the River Hamble. AV SUP School is a recognised British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA) School offering Beginner to Advanced Lessons as well as SUP Tours & Adventures.

AV SUP Club has joined forces with the YMCA at Fairthorne Manor situated at the top of the river near Botley and offers Stand Up Paddle-boarding to a much wider community along with providing a more rural launch site. 

Our Online Store AV Brand stocks a variety of SUP boards and SUP & Van Accessories - Brands such as RedPaddleCo's inflatable range, Starboard & Nah Skwell as well as X-Paddle and ActionVan Seat Covers.

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