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Did you know we do this...?

we make all of our wiring looms to fit each individual electrical requirement you have for your CamperVan.

You just write a wishlist of how you want all your electrics to work – have one light switch by the bed for lights out. Have a few sockets in the kitchen area for appliances. Or how about a light in the board rack area to load up as the sun’s going down (or rainclouds are gathering!)

Planning in advance makes it easy for all the wiring to be concealed behind paneling; keeping the inside of the ActionVan looking good whilst being exceptionally functional.

Why not give us a call for more help and advice on your Van electrics or read more here


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For the 2017 season AV SUP School has teamed up with Man-OverBoard

Based at Universal Marina on the River Hamble. We are a recognised British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA) School offering beginner to advanced lessons and a SUP & Kayak hire service. 

AV SUP Club has joined forces with the YMCA at Fairthorne Manor situated at the top of the river near Botley and offers SUP to the wider community along with a more rural launch site. 

Our On-line Store AV Brand stocks a variety of SUP boards and SUP & Van Accessories - Brands such as RedPaddleCo's inflatable range, Starboard & Nah Skwell as well as X-Paddle and ActionVan Seat Covers.

Start Your PaddleBoard Adventure Today!

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