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An ActionVan for Animal Man Timo Mullen

Ford Transit CamperVan ConversionHaving travelled all over the globe windsurfing and surfing for the last 20 years I have come to realise more and more that the UK and Ireland has probably just as good if not better waves than anywhere else in the world. As a result i have probably clocked up more miles in my van than Eddie Stobarts entire fleet of lorries. With 85000 miles clocked up in my trusty Ford Transit in just 3 years it was time to think of a new van!

practical van for my needs, maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing vans but certainly the most practical. Nowadays it is not only myself and my windsurfing boards I have to think of, it is also my wife and 2 young children, who regularly accompany me on my many trips around the UK. This meant i needed now a bigger van, I placed an order for a brand new Ford Transit LWB high roof Limited Spec panel van, the limited spec has all the toys needed as standard so no expensive extras to add on.

The single most frustrating thing about my old van was the mess and clutter that i produced!. I tend to carry more boards in my van than I ever need but as a Pro windsurfer I need to have all my equipment constantly ready to go, I swore to myself that with this new van my life would try to be a bit more organised. This is when I got introduced to Drew and the team at ActionVan who were exhibiting at the National Windsurf Festival.

I explained to the guys what i actually needed in the brief,

Solid racking to carry up to 10 boards at one time. Including SUP and surfboards.
Racking to carry up to 14 sails, masts and booms.
Racking to be removable so my van can still be used as a traditional empty shell van.
Additional racking to be fitted so that one side of my van can still be used to store boards whilst leaving the other side of my van open for storing bikes, triple board bags, sleeping etc.
Secure insurance certifeied seating for my children behind driver and passenger seating.
Secure steel mesh bulkhead behind kids seating to protect kids from equipment.
Space to change and sleep to take full advantage of the full standing height in rear of van.
Rotating passenger seat so my wife has easy access to kids.
Ply lined and fully insulated throughout.
Storage nets at rear for screwdrivers, wax etc.
Carpeted wall lining on sliding doors.

As you can see a pretty big list!

Within 5 days i was handed back my pride and joy with the full ActionVan makeover!
The guys have done an incredible job, everything i had hoped for they have done better, the proof in the pudding was always going to be my first proper road trip. With van fully loaded with all my gear, wife and kids we all set of for Cornwall. Both my kids happy, wife happy (in her own captains chair!) and myself very happy! Changing was easy inside my van, plenty of room to stretch and more importantly in Feb staying warm! My gear was easy to find, no lost masts or sails, for once i actually felt like a proper Pro!

Since i have had the conversion, I have thought of even more ideas, number 1 on my list will be the diesel heater for those cold winter morning surfs, time to get saving!

Timo Mullen - Animal

a comfortable ride for the kidsSeats fitted with arm rests and ISOFIXFamily room when Dads out sailingOut of the wind
Loads of kit storageRackingRear seat bulkhead protectorThe animals caged
QR racking for lighter kit daysAll the space you need for kit and familyRack and roll!


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